Wescott Woods is a volunteer, community lead Home Owners’ Association in compliance with the laws of Virginia.  The HOA board consists of five board positions staffed by duly elected neighbors.  All Board members must be a current home owner.

On a regular basis, the Board will call for a Board Meeting.  All homeowners are invited and encouraged to attend.  Notifications of upcoming meetings will be sent via email using the community mailing list.  Typically, there will be three to four meetings a year with the Annual Board Meeting held in December.  Unless indicated otherwise, meetings will be held virtually using Zoom or a similar technology.

At the Board Meetings, community business is discussed and property management decisions are made.  This includes how HOA funds are to be used.  During the call home owners have the opportunity to raise topics and concerns with the Board.  Your feedback is important!

For day-to-day activities and duties, the Board has contracted with Spectrum Property Management.