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WWHOA Hires Spectrum Property Management!

October 1, 2020:

We are extremely excited to announce that Spectrum Property Management has been selected to serve as our provider for HOA management services.  Spectrum participated in a full and open competition consisting of four other providers and was selected based on performance and best value criteria. Additionally, Spectrum came highly recommended by board members from two other local HOAs.


Spectrum is led by Ms. Lisa Cornaire. Please welcome Lisa and her Team to our community!


Lisa brings energy, a passion for providing quality service, and a mindset of continuous improvement.  Additionally, she is very collaborative and very easy to work with.  She will serve as our community’s first line of assistance for all support needs.  Additionally, she will provide expertise and guidance for assisting the WWHOA Board in running our community in the most effective and cost-efficient manner.  Again, we are very excited about this selection and look forward to establishing a long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnership with Spectrum.

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